The slow left click issue on windows 8/8.1 is Intel's fault

Everytime I do a fresh install of windows 8/8.1 and immediately after installing the drivers, I notice that right clicking is really slow. It takes about five seconds to load the context menu.

How to fix it? Unfortunately there is no such way to fix the slowness issue in Intel's context menu option. But, you can simply disable and here is how:

  1. Download ShellExView, extract and run the application.
  2. In the list select TheDeskTopContextMenu by right clicking
  3. Click on the red disabled icon from the top menu.
  4. Your context menu speed should now be back to normal.

Sid Dahari

I'm a Full stack web developer passionate about programming languages, web technologies and operating systems with vocation for open source & clean code. I'm also a big fan of kitesurfing.

St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
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